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When citing the 1996 research of Kotter and Heskitt on the relationship between organizational culture and performance in an online classroom post, one of my students questioned the order of the assertion that strong, positive cultures contribute to strong bottom lines.  He wondered why it couldn’t be the other way around; that an organization that […]

Where’s Olivia?

January 5th, 2013

I’m crazy, in joy, busy. My work at the NSF Mid-Pacific ICT Center is about transformation of a few small, but critical, elements of our education system. I write this as I put my feet up after the first day of the annual Winter ICT Educator Conference, MPICT’s fifth and highest attended.  The intention of […]

I was so anxiously awaiting the iPhone’s arrival to Verizon. But after reading Mossberg’s review in the WSJ last week, I think I’ll wait awhile. Given I grew up in technology, one might think I’d be on the other side of Geoffrey Moore’s chasm.  But I’ve gone mainstream! I wonder if Moore’s theory of selling […]

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