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Grit, curiosity and character

November 18th, 2013

In preparation for a conference next month, I’ve been reading a lot about the relationship between grit and student success. This is the topic of Paul Tough’s Why Children Succeed, but while his subjects are middle school students, mine are adult learners at community colleges, specifically “special populations” of students.  In public education, special populations […]

  The Honorable Jackie Goldberg, my 12th grade World History teacher, attended the 45th reunion of Centennial High’s Class of 1968 last night in Long Beach, California. I believe she attended the 25th but I didn’t get the chance to talk to her then. The inspiration to do so probably wasn’t as strong then as […]

I always get great ideas and best practices for creating cultures of leadership from my MBA students. In a recent discussion thread about innovative approaches to leadership, there were two that talked about taking over as the new leader of a troubled organization where the damaged culture was the doing of the prior manager. They […]

I’ve been reading, thinking about, and re-reading Meg Wheatley’s latest book, So Far from Home: Lost and Found in Our Brave New World.  The reflections have helped me to better understand what’s happening in the world and in my worldview. Meg tested several of the book’s lessons for “warriors of the human spirit” at a […]

I’m speaking from a broad generalization here but let’s face it. Look at who’s really running this country and it’s a foregone conclusion that white men will continue to manage (inherit) its power and wealth for a long time to come. After reading a blog post by Lauren Bacon about women in tech and empathy […]

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