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A Flaw of Optimism

September 8th, 2019

What happened… It’s been 4 years since my last Leading Change blog post. What happened in all that time? I became consumed, spending most of my energy in service, expectations, and hopes – mine and that of others. Nothing wrong with that given I find a lot of joy in it all. I’ve just returned […]

  Organizations aiming to become more diverse and inclusive are recognizing that the systemic challenge to achieving this objective is unconscious bias. As we become who we are, living in larger societies and smaller sub-cultures, we develop stereotypes and implicit beliefs that unconsciously drive our decisions and actions. Twenty years of data from 1.51 million […]

Leaders that are present, attuned to opportunities, and comfortable with uncertainty are effective in extraordinary ways. On the downside, that style is wrought with distractions that diminish attention on the bigger picture – what we’re really here to do now to get wherever we’re going. Exploring every possibility or saying yes to every opportunity, thins […]

Here’s an application of “other focus” in understanding and breaking down the bane of organizational culture, silos. The truth is that they are often unintentional. The managers that reign over them are protective and controlling because they want what’s best for their functions and people.  Of course, that problem is compounded with self-interest. But if […]

  When I began my study of emotional intelligence fifteen years ago, I was pretty excited about my discovery. This is it! EQ, not IQ, is the silver bullet! But despite the evidence that it’s a consistently positive differentiator, it’s not embraced as the “way to be” that I had envisioned. IMHO, the reason so […]

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