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  I’m back from Nairobi with a Kenyan name. I’m Nyawera, woman who works hard. Kenyan women can see who you truly are so easily! And they continue to make me feel valued and blessed. It was another fabulous trip (#8). I did much of the same work I love doing here and made new […]

Today, I completed the third The Youth Banner workshop, a train-the-trainer to get the staff ready for co-facilitating future business strategy and planning for the micro-businesses they train and support. The first workshop on September 30th was an initial planning session and the one on Oct 1st was a follow up workshop to the group […]

East Africa 2014: Why I Go

September 23rd, 2014

  On the Amsterdam leg of the flight to Nairobi, I closed the book I was reading, The Essential Ernest Holmes, and turned on my iPhone music in shuffle mode. Out of the 800+ songs on my iPhone, up comes A Mighty Gift, by Rickie Byers-Beckwith. Those of you that read my blog know the […]

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