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Born on a decade boundary, the year 2020 is a life milestone I began to envision in 2010. I set my sights on it being monumental, having come through the last decade boundary like the phoenix rising from the fire. I managed to keep my home after foreclosure and after almost 2 years of severe […]

All in All as All

December 22nd, 2010

The chimes of the grandfather clock shuttered randomly, like leaves in a breeze, in the middle of my meditation this morning. Ticking to its rhythm created by the gravity of Mother Earth, there’s Life in that clock! How could there NOT be Life in that swaying pendulum and its intricate inner mechanisms? A clock is […]

Spirit Unleashed!

June 23rd, 2009

The weekend of June 19th, I attended the Attitudinal Healing Connection’s annual Unleashing the Human Spirit Retreat in Ben Lomond.  It was my first and it was such an incredibly renewing and reflective weekend that I know it will not be my last. A diverse, intergenerational group of people arrived on Friday afternoon and we […]

Last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle had a great article about the recently repaired Hubble space telescope. What was intriguing to me was what the refurbished cameras and instruments will now be able tell us about the nature of the Universe. “Astronomers will now be able to see galaxies and exploding stars billions of years older […]

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