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A 2016 Comcast Sports Network Bay Area segment on the Golden State Warriors’ 2015-2016 ascent to NBA champions featured interviews of more players behind the scenes than on the court. My mind lit up when Bob Myers, General Manager, recited Steve Kerr’s four principles of coaching the team: joy, mindfulness, compassion, and competition. Wow! Double […]

  Organizations aiming to become more diverse and inclusive are recognizing that the systemic challenge to achieving this objective is unconscious bias. As we become who we are, living in larger societies and smaller sub-cultures, we develop stereotypes and implicit beliefs that unconsciously drive our decisions and actions. Twenty years of data from 1.51 million […]

Like any multimillion-dollar business, the leaders at the top of a professional sports organization create the culture. There’s plenty of evidence in the current news about NBA leadership. Closer to home, most Golden State Warrior fans were relieved when former owner Chris Cohan sold the Golden State Warriors to Peter Guber and Joe Lacob. Cohan, […]

Here’s an application of “other focus” in understanding and breaking down the bane of organizational culture, silos. The truth is that they are often unintentional. The managers that reign over them are protective and controlling because they want what’s best for their functions and people.  Of course, that problem is compounded with self-interest. But if […]

Related to the topic of educator as leader-coach, one of my students in the Organizational Culture and the Emotionally Intelligent Work Environment class at JFKU brought our attention to an interesting point from our reading. The behaviors that support effective coaching are empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard.  These are characteristic of “helping behaviors” for […]

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