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  Organizations that successfully sustain their performance and growth make the right decisions in four areas:  People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.  This premise and the fact that there is a definite set of fundamental habits that lead to success are the foundation of the Gazelles Rockefeller Habits Coaching Program.  The program, a combination of executive […]

For over 12 years, I’ve enjoyed assisting non-profits with organizational, programmatic, and operational planning, something I’ve always done in the gaps between business consulting engagements. And now I find myself accepting that this is the work I truly love because it’s my way of being of service to others being of service. As adjunct faculty […]

I began to hear the debate about the value of strategic planning during my short engagement as an interim executive at an Internet company. When I joined the company in 1999 it was post-IPO and growing fast, primarily through acquisitions. I was one of the “grey hairs” they hired to inject some experience and sustainability. […]

Far too often, teams and entire organizations embark upon a path toward a goal without an encompassing strategy and plan that aligns with culture. Structure and processes may exist. Roles and responsibilities are defined. Success criteria are established. But without an honest and accurate assessment of current reality, a shared purpose that everyone can articulate, […]

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