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I take a different approach to leadership development. I believe that great leaders evolve with the opportunities and competencies required to make their organization successful in any given business environment. That’s a lot of change for any one leader to deal with alone. Therefore, our focus is on your organization’s capacity for leadership where every individual in the organization has the commitment and ability to lead within his or her area of accountability. This capacity is within the culture and the behaviors and systems that perpetuate it. Can you trust every employee or team to make decisions aligned with your organization’s mission or vision? If yours is a culture of leadership, you can.

Workshops & Trainings

  • Leadership Development from the Frontline Up
  • Creating a Culture of Leadership
  • Organizational Culture and the Emotionally Intelligent Work Environment
  • Engaging Under-Represented Minority Students with Cultural Fluency and Perspective Taking
  • Recognizing and Counteracting Bias to Increase Diversity and Inclusion
  • GeoleadershipSM
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Conflict Management
  • Making Change Happen

Build your organization’s leadership capacity and effectiveness through practices that build an inclusive, high-performing culture.