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All Herriford Consulting services have a common promise: To increase your organizational capacity for leadership. I use transformative approaches to augment your projects and initiatives that influence and motivate team members to collaboratively get things done. It is always my intent to identify, apply, and assess best practices and tools that turn strategy into actions into results.

Change Management

Achieving the change you envision must happen through change in people. Introducing any change, be it technology, process, or organizational, must address a long list of human fears. My approach to developing change strategy focuses on the alignment of mission, culture, and how decisions are made. Implement change requires developing personal, social and structural abilities and motivations to sustain it. This approach is a combination of the two methodologies with which I’ve had the most success:

  • Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model
  • Six Sources of Influence (Grenly, Maxfield and Shimber)

Facilitation of Collaborative Projects

Effective group facilitation is one of the best ways to engage and leverage diverse perspectives and engage the people most impacted by the decision-making process. I facilitate team-building, planning sessions, focus groups, and public forums using methodologies that encourage open, creative, and comfortable dialog with a focus. My mediation experience has been valuable in effectively facilitating problem solving and conflict resolution. As part of facilitation services, I can also assist you with determining the right attendees, developing research questions and surveys, analyzing data, and completing comprehensive summary reports.

Leadership and Strategy Coaching

I integrate coaching in all that I do. While facilitating planning, implementing change, or delivering training, I also look for opportunities to coach clients in the strategies and leadership skills they wish to enhance. This approach provides real cases for development and benefits the individual while supporting what he or she is seeking to accomplish.

Build your organization’s leadership capacity and effectiveness through practices that build an inclusive, high-performing culture.