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Herriford Consulting can help you assess and build your organization’s leadership capacity through practices that positively influence culture for sustainable outcomes. I provide:

  • A variety of personal and professional leadership development, workshops, and coaching based upon developing and applying emotional intelligence
  • Training and practices for increasing and leveraging inclusion and diversity in tech career education and workplaces
  • Planning and best practices for aligning vision, mission and values with organizational culture; existing or envisioned
  • Facilitation of collaborative projects for change

I have experience working across sectors (private, public, and social) because building leadership capacity and strong cultures is proven to a necessity in any work environment.

Purpose Statement:

To continuously gain and share wisdom to enhance collective work today for an increasingly better tomorrow.


Integrity, Accountability, Ethical Behavior, Open & Honest Communication, Interdependence, Inclusion, Lifelong Learning, Social Responsibility, Shared Success, Optimism, and Being of Service


Transforming potential to excellence; finding a better way; seeing the big picture and its relationship to vision; finding meaningfulness in work and life; being dependable; increasing team commitment, energy and optimism; and building bridges between people with different perspectives and from diverse cultures

Build your organization’s leadership capacity and effectiveness through practices that build an inclusive, high-performing culture.