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January 31, 2021

I’m thrilled that Women Sharing Wisdom Institute has officially merged with and become the Wise Woman Initiative. My 2 years full time at CCSF put WSWI on the back burner and I was looking at its sunset when, while giving my regrets to Susan Chritton for missing the 2019 WWI Witches Walk, the idea of the merge emerged!  It’s been in the works since then and yesterday we had our first annual meeting and the passion is rekindled!  The mission: As Wise Women, we believe we can create meaningful change by building community, serving those in need, and sharing wisdom.

Later in the afternoon, a new friend sent me this timely video:

The first WSWI Conference in 2013 kicked off Day 1 with this quote:

The future of the world depends on women.”

Kofi Annan – Seventeenth Secretary General of the United Nations

So watch the Wise Woman Initiative space – the women are coming!